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Rebecca North

Rebecca North

Associate Principal

Australia and New Zealand


Summary Bio

Rebecca is a Sydney‑based Partner at Partners in Performance focused on food manufacturing, financial services and government.

She has more than 25 years of career experience, having been part of BMW Manufacturing, Boston Consulting Group and Commonwealth Bank before joining Partners in Performance in 2017.

Rebecca’s extensive experience produces deep insight, identifying the key levers to improve performance and the roadblocks preventing clients from achieving high performance. Her ability to build strong and trust‑based relationships across all levels of the organisation enables her to constructively challenge embedded beliefs. Through genuine collaboration, her clients embrace and champion transformation efforts, driving lasting change across the organisation.

Her focus is on energising, training, and coaching the full client organisation, from C‑suite to frontline, to engage in continuous improvement, turning that process and mindset into something that becomes muscle memory for them.

For Rebecca, there is nothing more rewarding than when a frontline operator comes up to her, six months post engagement, sharing the measured and sustained impact of an idea they had proposed.


  • Continuous Improvement Program Implementation
  • Strategy Definition and Implementation
  • Sales and Operations Planning

Core Sectors

  • Consumer and retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Public Sector
  • Financial Services


  • MBA, Emory University
  • B.S.C. in International Business and German, University of Maryland